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Why Fail To Prevail Because You Don’t Know The Right Story?

Contact Me To Review The Veracity Of Expert Reports Or Other Claim Documentation 

Why fail to obtain justice for your client because a report from opposing counsel’s (or your own) expert uses junk science, is incomplete or contains flawed methodology.

For example, I’ve reviewed expert reports that didn’t account for all the forces encountered in vehicular collisions. Such reports are used to deny or diminish personal injury claims.
Will that eye-witness account or sworn testimony hold up under examination? Is the whole story being told?

A compelling argument isn’t valid if it violates the laws of physics

I Can Determine The Veracity Of Documentation In Your Matter!

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We can discuss the critical documentation in your claim. You can decide if you would benefit from a technical review of the veracity of documentation that could make or break your case. You're probably already doing this type of review with medical information. Isn't the technical information just as important?

Isn’t this too important to take a chance you will miss something?

Schedule your call below now. Why find yourself sadly thinking,
“I sure wish I’d known that sooner!”

The Documents Review is a stand-alone evaluation of documents presented to me for review. The decision on how to proceed is solely yours. The Documents Review fee is not a retainer. No further obligation exists for either party.

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