Claim Merit Evaluation

Why Fail To Prevail Because You Don’t Know The Right Story?

How valid is this claim?
Is this matter a Winner or Loser for you and your client?
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Your stand-alone, fixed-fee, “Claim Merit Evaluation” reviews the apparent Merits and Red Flags of a personal injury claim.

Is This A Case That You Want To Accept or Reject?
I help plaintiff attorneys choose and conduct winning cases and avoid losing or under-performing cases. 

Is This A Claim That Your Firm or Client Would Be Best Served Settling or Disputing?
I help defense counsel assess the validity of a claim. 

To Prevail with a Products Liability Claim, the Plaintiff Should be able to:

•  Accurately identify the Actual and Proximate Causes of the injury (How and Why the Injury Happened)
•  Ensure that negligence can be substantiated
•  Ensure that the investments of Time, Money and Personnel required to litigate this matter are understood

Are these elements present in your matter?
Your “Claim Merit Evaluation” allows you to make the best use of your time and make or save you money!
Why wait until it’s too late and risk missing what could be The Critical Factor in this matter!

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We will discuss your case. Then you can decide if you can confidently continue on your current course or if you would benefit from a “Claim Merit Evaluation” to review the Merits of the claim and the Red Flags that could sabotage your case.

Your “Claim Merit Evaluation” does not require a retainer fee or further obligation and can be performed at a fraction of the cost of a typical expert retainer fee.


The Claim Merit Evaluation is a stand-alone evaluation of claim merits or red flags that are apparent to me at the time of my evaluation. The evaluation is provided to assist plaintiffs in choosing whether to pursue an injury claim or to assist claim defendants in choosing whether to settle or dispute a claim. The decision on how to proceed is solely yours. The Claim Merit Evaluation fee is not a retainer. No further obligation exists for either party.

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