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Why Fail To Prevail Because You Don’t Know The Right Story?

Your Engineering Consultant and Expert Witness for Products Liability Personal Injury Claims
I am NOT a “Hired Gun”

As an Engineering Consultant & Expert Witness for over 20 years, I often have to turn away requests for support where people are injured, but the wrong complaint is filed, or the claim wouldn't have survived a more thorough intake screening. This prevents the injured party from receiving the justice they deserve and costs you the time and money invested in the matter, and so much more.

Is This A Case That You Want To Accept or Reject?
I help plaintiff attorneys pursue winning claims and avoid pursuing losing or under-performing claims.

Is This A Claim That Your Firm or Client Would Be Best Served Settling or Disputing?
I help defense counsel assess the validity of claims.

Whether you are pursuing or disputing a personal injury claim, the criteria for prevailing is much the same. I am a Mechanical Engineer who can explain both How and Why injuries occur. I help you pursue, dispute or settle personal injury claims. When retained as a Consultant or Expert Witness, my Initial Draft Expert Report results in the resolution of most claims.

Products Liability attorneys often need technical support to thoroughly evaluate the technical merits of claims and how to craft complaints that identify both the actual and proximate causes of an injury. I consult with attorneys and their staff on how to screen potential clients, so they pursue winnable claims and avoid the losers, identify red flags, and avoid case-losing mistakes. This same information is applicable when defending against claims.

I help Plaintiff Attorneys choose and craft winning claims that identify both the actual and proximate causes of an injury and avoid the losing or under-performing cases.

I help Defense Counsel and Insurance Companies determine the validity of claims so you can decide if it is better to settle or dispute a claim.

I help ADR Arbitrators and Mediators interpret the evidence, enhancing the involved parties' understanding of the facts of the matter.

40 Years Experience

With over 40 years of experience in the development, safety and use of a wide variety of mechanical products, I serve the legal community primarily as a Mechanical Engineering generalist. I consult on a wide-ranging mix of mechanical products from aircraft to watercraft, including firearms and motorcycles.

My Forte

My forte is uncovering both the actual and proximate causes of product failures (the How and the Why of injuries) and explaining the failures in both technical and layman terms, so you know the right story. Often, just my initial phone consultation provides an attorney sufficient information to resolve their issue or concern. In most cases where I am retained, my Initial Draft Expert Report is sufficient to result in case settlement.

Leading Expert

As a testifying expert, in addition to being a firearms expert, I am the leading expert on a family of ground power and aircraft auxiliary power unit (APU) gas turbine engines I was responsible for developing. I am recognized as a leading expert in sources and causes of aircraft cabin air contamination (Smoke in Cabin). I have testified in landmark cases involving Fortune 50 (fifty) corporations.


Honored as a Contributor to Aviation History by Donald Engen, Director of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum during a ceremony at the museum in Washington, DC. Read More

Honeywell VP Bob Johnson, Art Eckstat, Don Engen, August 7, 1997

Helping You...

• Choose Winning Claims; Identify and Avoid the Losers
• Determine the Likelihood of being able to Substantiate or Refute Negligence
• Know Who to Sue; Avoid Wasting Time & Money Pursuing Non-negligent Parties
• Craft Winning Complaints that Identify Actual & Proximate Causes of Injuries (The HOW & The WHY of an injury)
• Encourage Earlier Settlements by demonstrating that you know the right story and would likely prevail at trial
• Request Targeted Discovery Items, Not go on Fishing Expeditions that reveal your weaknesses
• Select Experts who Support, Not Sabotage Your Claims
• Ask Opposing Experts Questions that Support Your Position and Weaken the Opposition
• Determine the Veracity of Expert Reports or other Documentation

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