Case Merit Evaluation

Plaintiff Attorneys: Is This A Case That You Want To Accept or Reject?

Claim Defendants: Is This A Claim That Your Firm or Client Would Be Best Served Accepting or Disputing?

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To Prevail with a Product Liability Claim, a Plaintiff Should:

  • Accurately identify the Actual and Proximate Causes of the injury (How and Why it Happened)

  • Ensure that you can substantiate the defendant’s negligence

  • Ensure that you understand the investments of Time, Money and Personnel that may be required to litigate this case to a successful conclusion

I Help Plaintiff Attorneys Choose Winning Cases and Avoid the Losers

I Help Claim Defendants Determine the Validity of Claims and Whether to Accept or Dispute Claims

Contact me to perform a Case Merit Evaluation where we review the apparent Merits and/or Red Flags of a product liability personal injury claim.

Introductory Price:

Your Case Merit Evaluation investment is only $1997.

The Case Merit Evaluation can allow you to make the best use of your time and make or save you money!

The Case Merit Evaluation is a stand-alone evaluation of claim merits and/or red flags that are apparent to me at the time of my evaluation.

The evaluation is provided to assist plaintiffs in choosing whether or not to pursue an injury claim or to assist claim defendants in choosing whether to accept or dispute a claim. The decision on how to proceed is solely yours. The Case Merit Evaluation fee is not a retainer.

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