I Help You Uncover What Really Happened When Someone’s Been Injured!


I am a Mechanical Engineer who understands and can explain how and why things break or malfunction.

I help Product Liability Plaintiff Attorneys Choose, Craft and Conduct winning personal injury cases and Avoid Losing or Under-performing cases.

I help Defense Attorneys Discover the Validity of Injury Claims. Would your client be best served by accepting or disputing that claim?

I’ve been serving as an Engineering Consultant and Expert Witness for over fifteen years. Plaintiff Attorneys operating on a contingency fee basis often wait too long to consult with an expert because of the anticipated expenditures. It can be too late to help you if you have taken a client that you should have avoided, filed an inaccurate claim, failed to see Red Flags that are present, or under-estimated the time, money and resources it will take to successfully pursue the matter.


Get an up-front, stand-alone, fixed-fee “Case Merit Evaluation” that allows you to make the best use of your time and resources and best serve your client.


I possess multiple degrees including Mechanical Engineering and Doctor of Business Administration. I receive international recognition and accolades for my unique ability to see what others miss while successfully bridging the breach between Academic and Practitioner. I was honored as a Contributor to Aviation History by Donald Engen, Director of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in a ceremony held at the museum in Washington, DC.

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