I Help You Uncover What Really Happened When Someone’s Been Injured!

Plaintiff Attorneys: Are you taking on an Unwinnable or Under-performing Case?

Defense Counsel: Is that Claim Valid? Should You Accept or Dispute the Claim?


My Case Merit Evaluation allows you to make the best use of your time,
better serve your client, and make or save you money!


Product Liability
Personal Injury Attorneys

7 Keys To Winning More Cases

This Complimentary Guidebook Reveals a Concise Summary of
7 Keys to Winning More Product Liability Cases.
The Information Applies to Both Plaintiff and Defense Attorneys. 


The State Bar of Arizona produced a CLE Snippet with Dr. Eckstat on “How to Avoid Losing Cases and Get Winners.”

Avoid the Pains of Losing!

Choose, Craft and Conduct Winning Cases


Discover How to Consistently:

  • Choose Winning Cases while Identifying and Avoiding the Losers

  • Determine the Likelihood of Proving Negligence on the part of the Defendants

  • Craft a Winning Complaint that Properly Identifies Actual and Proximate Causes of Injuries (How and Why)

  • Encourage Earlier Settlements for Higher Amounts by Crafting Every Case as if It Will Go to and Prevail at Trial

  • Request Targeted Discovery Items instead of Engaging in a Fishing Expedition that Reveals Your Weaknesses

  • Select the Right Experts that Will Support and Not Sabotage Your Case under Cross-examination

  • Ask Opposing Experts the Right Questions that Support Your Case and Weaken the Opposition

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